Is your school looking for a high-energy author visit? Something that covers writing, drawing, storytelling, and social studies? Invite Nathan Hale!

We are BOOKED through the 2019/2020 school year.

Please contact us if to be put on our waiting list, in case things shift.

What is the presentation?

I draw my presentations, live on screen. The combination of live drawing and storytelling makes it a fun, captivating, and educational experience.

For grades 3-6, I tell an exclusive Hazardous Tales story—not from any of the books, it can only be heard at a school visit. It’s U.S. History at its silliest and grossest.

For K-2 grades, I give a drawing lesson, then finish with a group drawing activity. The quick changes in format keep the little ones engaged. Each student will need a crayon and a single piece of paper. I will need a large flip chart or piece of butcher paper.

Presentations are one hour long, but can be condensed to 40 minutes. If your students need 15 minutes to get seated, please plan accordingly.

DO YOU DO workshopS?

Yes! Workshops are for grades 3 and up.

My workshop is an exercise in comics creation. It uses both drawing and writing skills. Students’ work is shown on screen throughout the workshop, making for a lively workshop with lots of laughter and creativity.

Everyone will leave with a comic they have created.

Workshops require two sheets of paper, and a pencil in a classroom/library with desks/tables.

Class time is 45 minutes.

Please keep workshop size under forty students.

How much?

My fee starting 2020/2021 is $3500 per school day. This flat fee covers my honorarium and travel expenses. I will do as many presentations, workshops, and activities as your school day schedule permits.

I’m happy to split a day between two schools to cut the cost. For example, two presentations in the morning at school A, two presentations in the afternoon at school B. This only works if the schools are close enough to drive between quickly. Cost per school: $1750.

Best location for presentation

The library is ideal. Take the time to move some shelves and tables—it’s worth it!

Auditoriums are great for large groups.

Cafeterias aren’t great, but if it’s all you’ve got...

NO GYMS. For years I’ve tried to make gyms work—they do not work. The echoey sound, the noisy bleachers—bad acoustics will ruin any presentation. I’ve had it happen too many times. Gyms make a miserable day for me and the students. If you have a group that will only fit in the gym, consider splitting it into smaller groups that will fit in your library.

Tech Needs

Presentations and workshops require a standard projector and screen.

I bring my own cords and dongles.

If your tech people want details: I draw on an iPad, and I can connect through both VGA and HDMI setups. (Again, I bring the connecting cords for this—don’t sweat it.) I don’t need sound.

If your space is large, a microphone is appreciated. It doesn’t have to be wireless (I don’t move around).

A podium if your school has one, but I can make any table or chair work. No music stands—they never stay up.

book signings

Everyone gets an autograph and a drawing in their book.

No personalizations or inscriptions—I always get names wrong. This can ruin a student’s day. Skipping names makes the signing go faster and avoids mishaps—plus a drawing is more fun!

Do we have to feed the author?


Public speaking ruins my appetite. Save the stress of author food and put it toward a lunchtime activity—I’m happy to do a Q and A, workshop, or drawing class with your book club, your library volunteers, the art class, etc. Or use the block to schedule another presentation.

While I’m at your school

I’m up for any reading clubs, group lunches, special Q & As, interviews, activities, etc. you would like to plan. Just make sure to list it in your schedule.

What about Skype/digital visits?

I don't do digital visits.

I do have a few author/drawing videos on my YouTube channel.


Marydee Moore at schoolvisits@nathanhaleauthor.com will answer all of your questions and schedule your school.

We are BOOKED through the 2019/2020 school year. Please contact us if to be put on our waiting list, in case things shift.